Top 10 Restaurants in Megève

Top 10 Restaurants In Megève

Our Top 10 Restaurants in Megève

One of the great things about Megève in the French Alps is that fantastic experiences continue even when you’ve stepped out of your skis. Eating well is a large part of mountain life; therefore, you will find that restaurants in Megève suit every taste to ensure skiers and snowboarders can enjoy evenings and keep their energy up for exploring the mountains after lunchtime.

Megève is one of the French Alps’ gourmet destinations thanks to eateries serving local delicacies to fabulous Michelin-starred restaurants. Some of the best restaurants in Megève are renowned for their excellent food, while others offer incredible atmospheres while still serving tasty dishes.

In this article, we highlight the top restaurants in Megève. We have handpicked these establishments for their outstanding food and the unique experiences they offer. Some are located in the charming village, while others are on the slopes offering stunning views of the mountains. By the end of this article, you’ll know the best restaurants in Megève to pick and book for your trip.

1. Chalet Le Forestier

Chalet Le Forestier is a high-altitude restaurant owned by Chef Emmanuel Renaut. It is a one-hundred-year-old wooden chalet that used to be a forest ranger station, located slope-side in the Rochebrune ski area. But it isn’t on a main slope, so it has a lovely ambience compared to the larger mountain restaurants.

The dining experience at Chalet Le Forestier is unique, as Emmanuel Renaut is a three-star chef who offers indulgent Savoyard food in wonderful surroundings. You can expect a genuine mountain experience thanks to the traditional decor and wood-burning stove. Alternatively, you can sit on the sun-drenched terrace while you tuck into classic dishes.

You can get to Chalet Le Forestier on skis or snowshoes. Therefore, it’s a great rendezvous point for lunchtime for both skiers and non-skiers who want to enjoy panoramic alpine views at 1,754m and a welcoming environment.

2. Flocons de Sel

If you like the idea of Le Forestier, you’re going to love Flocons de Sel. This is Emmanuel Renaut’s other establishment, featuring ten luxury bedrooms, suites, and Mazots. But, the dining room offers an exceptional Alpine dining experience.

Here, you can enjoy Savoyard cuisine, which Renaut has taken to the next level. The menu features all the classics, but it also allows you to sample wild lake fish, game, and a vast selection of locally-grown vegetables. Emmanuel Renaut constantly changes the menu and adds signature dishes with varying themes.

One of the restaurant’s highlights is the well-stocked cheese trolly offering an opportunity to try local cheeses and ones you may not have seen before.

We like the restaurant’s understated decor that fits in perfectly with Megève’s charm and style. The floor-to-ceiling windows also provide mountain views, adding to Flocons de Sel’s ambience.

Le Vieux Megeve Table Savoyardes 3
Le Vieux Megève restaurant - © Maisons & Hotels Sibuet
Le Vieux Megeve Table Savoyardes
Le Vieux Megève restaurant - © Maisons & Hotels Sibuet
Le Vieux Megeve Table Savoyardes 1
Le Vieux Megève restaurant - © Maisons & Hotels Sibuet
Le Vieux Megeve Table Savoyardes 2
Le Vieux Megève restaurant - © Maisons & Hotels Sibuet

A family restaurant for more than 45 years, the Vieux Megève is a real institution in the center of the village.
On Friday evenings, immerse yourself in Savoyard folklore to the sound of the Baron’s accordion.

3. Le Vieux Megève

Le Vieux Megève is a local institution. If you want the genuine Megevan dining experience, make sure you book a table in advance. Le Vieux Megève is everything you want from a French mountain restaurant with its roaring fireplace, traditional decor, and authentic local cooking.

The restaurant is located on an old traditional farm in the heart of Megève and is ideal for family meals in rustic surroundings. You can expect a range of fondues, and other local dishes, such as raclette, Boîte Chaude, and onion soup, all washed down with fine Savoy wines. The atmosphere is lovely, especially when treated to the sounds of an accordion while the snow is falling outside.

4. Idéal 1850

Eating lunch with a view of Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain, is an experience everyone should have. So during a trip to Megève, why not head up to Idéal 1850 to do just that?

Idéal 1850 is accessible on foot and skis, so everyone can meet to sample its superb dishes. Choose from the cosy interior or sunny terrace overlooking the Mont-Blanc Massif while being served by the welcoming and attentive staff.

The food complements the views perfectly. Idéal 1850 specialises in serving perfectly cooked meats, including spit-roasted poultry from the giant fireplace and mouthwatering steaks. The interior is fantastically decorated, adding to the atmosphere. However, sitting on the terrace on a sunny day is a real treat, especially in the milder temperatures at the end of the season, making it one of the top restaurants in Megève.

Ideal 1850 Restaurant Megeve
© Idéal 1850 restaurant - Megève

With Mont Blanc as a backdrop, the large solarium terrace of Idéal 1850 restaurant located on the heights of Megève offers an extraordinary panorama over the entire valley and its peaks. The restaurant offers a selection of dishes that will delight epicureans: shell bench, beautiful pieces of meat, truffle pizzas, not to mention its essential Champagne bar.

5. La Ferme de Mon Pere

La Ferme de Mon Pere is one of the cosiest restaurants in Megève, making it popular with visitors who return to the resort every year. It is run by chef Julien Burlat, who has crafted a menu that blends authentic cuisine with his signature creativity. However, his menu skilfully complements the simple style of the Zannier Hotels Le Chalet.

The food at La Ferme de Mon Pere is based on the best ingredients from local producers. Therefore, you can expect the rich flavours of the area combined with delicate craftsmanship.

This restaurant is the type of place you feel like settling in for the night, thanks to its cosy ambience. Once you’ve got a taste for the unique wines, excellent cocktails, and sharing platters, you won’t want to leave.

6. La Table du Trappeur

La Table du Trappeur is set in the heart of Megève and serves traditional dishes for both lunch and dinner. It has two distinctly different atmospheres that create a complete mountain restaurant experience.

Start your lunch or dinner in the upstairs dining room, which has a relaxed vibe, perfect for intimate and family meals. Then move to the hotel lounge next door to enjoy a digestive or coffee near the fabulous fireplace.

The menu at La Table du Trappeur has been created by chef Jérôme Blanchetière. He has ensured that his passion for traditional cuisine shines through but in a more refined style that capitalises on the rich flavours of the ingredients. Blanchetière creates a new menu each winter with ingredients of the moment, so diners get to taste something new each time they visit.

Salle Restaurant Traditionnel
Restaurant Le Traditionnel © Le Fer à Cheval 5***** Megève

7. Restaurant Le Traditionnel (Le Fer a Cheval)

Restaurant Le Traditionnel is set in the outstanding five-star Le Fer a Cheval hotel in the centre of Megève. Therefore, it is incredibly convenient if you are a hotel guest, but the restaurant is also open for non-residents to enjoy.

As the name suggests, the decor is in keeping with the rustic charm of Megève, which, along with its friendly staff, creates an incredibly welcoming atmosphere. However, you can choose to sit on the terrace if the weather is nice.

Head Chef Christophe Corus has put together a sophisticated menu, showcasing his creativity and inventiveness. He is heavily inspired by the seasons, so you can expect to sample delicious winter warmers at either lunch or dinner with friends and family.

Restaurant Le Traditionnel is a family-friendly restaurant, especially for hotel residents. Kids staying in the hotel get their own special dinner, followed by kids’ TV and films shown on the projector until 10 pm.

8. La Ferme St. Amour

Le Ferme St.Amour is a fantastic restaurant set in a huge restored farmhouse in the centre of Megève. It is a unique establishment comprising a restaurant, bar and club, all with a traditional Savoyard chalet style.

The restaurant’s menu has been created by Eric Frechon, a Michelin-starred chef who has several award-winning restaurants across France. Your evening dining experience at La Ferme St. Amour starts at après time when hearty dishes are served to help you recover from a day of skiing or snowboarding. Alternatively, you can visit La Ferme St. Amour at dinnertime and see how the atmosphere changes from a relaxed vibe to party mode when the live singers accompany DJs and guests dancing on tables.

La Table De L'alpaga Megève1
La Table de l'Alpaga - © Beaumier
La Table De L'alpaga Megève2
La Table de l'Alpaga - © Beaumier
La Table De L'alpaga
La Table de l'Alpaga - © Beaumier
La Table De L'alpaga Megève3
La Table de l'Alpaga - © Beaumier

La Table de l’Alpaga provides fine dining in a very stylish atmosphere. The hotel itself is stunning and is a must try on your next visit to Megève

9. Indie Mountain

Indie Mountain is one of Megève’s newer nightlife spots. It is the brainchild of three young restaurateurs who have launched several popular establishments in Saint-Tropez.

Indie Mountain is decorated like a stylish mountain chalet, so you can expect a cosy dining atmosphere in any of the little nooks around the building and the two-level restaurant. The restaurant keeps everything low-key, but the atmosphere gradually escalates throughout the evening as the music gets louder.

The menu has been designed by Chef Diego Alary, who was a contestant on the TV program French Top Chef. His food is ideal for a ski resort, as it is comforting and warming, but it is slightly different to the traditional French classics, as he has put his own twist on these dishes.

10. La Table de l’Alpaga

La Table de l’Alpaga is one fo two restaurants located in Megève’s L’Alpaga hotel. We believe it to be one of the best restaurants in Megève, which is confirmed by the second Michelin star it obtained in 2020.

This second Michelin star is the result of chef Anthony Bisquerra’s inventive cooking that utilises local produce, some of which he forages for himself on his days off.

You can also choose dishes from La Table’s entirely plant-based menu, which highlights the possibilities of local agriculture, and is a refreshing change for vegetarians and vegans visiting the French Alps.

Final Thoughts On The Best Restaurants In Megève

We believe that these are the top restaurants in Megève. You will see many more places to eat during a visit, but these are truly fantastic.

Whether you want to sample local cuisine or experience a fine-dining experience, you cannot go wrong with these restaurants.

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