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At Top Snow Travel, we only give you “The Best of The French Alps”

  • The Most Charming Ski Villages in the world 

  • Luxurious Lodging in Unbeatable Locations

  • Majestic Peaks

  • Extraordinary Luxury Ski Safaris

  • The Largest Ski Areas in the World

  • Breathtaking Views

  • Unique Experiences

  • The Highest Level of Service and much more…

“Our experience with crafting exceptional ski holidays to the French Alps is unmatched in the travel industry. We believe that where you stay, what kind of ski resort and the quality of your lodging are the pillars in creating an unforgettable ski holiday. We just add the finishing touch to exceed all your expectations” Gilles Riou – General Manager

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Why choose to ski France?

  • France has 7 out of 10 of the world’s largest interconnected ski areas. The biggest with 600km of slopes is Les 3 Vallées.
  • Each year millions of Euros are spent on all the resorts upgrading the lifts and resort infrastructure. This reassures visitors that the facilities remains both safe and state of the art.
  • Because many of the French ski resorts are located at high altitudes, they have reliable snow conditions and longer seasons – some even go from late November through to the beginning of May.
  • Ski schools in France have the highest qualified instructors and mountain guides in the world, many of whom are English-speaking.
  • The French Alps are great value for money. The lift passes are cheaper than most countries and great deals can be had for January ski packages, since it’s low season in France even though it’s school holiday high season in Australia.
  • There are over 350+ ski resorts to choose from, catering to all tastes and budgets. Top Snow has helped simplify the choice for you – we have selected only our top 20 French ski resorts for our offering.
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How to Get to the Ski Fields in France

The fastest way to the French Alps

The most direct way to get to the French Alps from overseas is to fly into Geneva airport or Lyon airport, both serviced by premium airline Emirates offering economy, business and first-class travel (see video).

The French Alps can also be reached by Eurostar from London or Brussels and by TGV fast speed train from Paris.

We advise which airport or train station is best to arrive at for each individual French ski resort on all our pages, as well as the time it takes to get from there to your destination of choice.


Where To Stay

Choosing Your Accommodation

France has a great variety of resorts to suit all requirements from charming traditional villages, to high altitude glacier skiing, to family friendly resorts. Each ski resort has its own dominant style or styles of accommodation including:

  • Serviced hotels, with or without meals
  • Self-catering apartments
  • Private alpine chalets, both catered and self-catering
  • Wellness spas and retreats
  • All of the above from affordable to luxury

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