Top 10 Restaurants in Chamonix

Top 10 Restaurants In Chamonix

Our Top 10 Restaurants in Chamonix

You’ll often hear Chamonix described as iconic and legendary, but there is more to Chamonix than its epic off-piste terrain and dramatic landscapes.

Chamonix is a little different from other French ski resorts, as it’s more of a town that happens to be in the heart of the Alps. It is still filled with character and history, but its size means it is home to some fantastic restaurants.

You can eat well in any of the five resorts located in the Chamonix valley, both on and off the mountain. There are restaurants of all kinds ranging from burger bars to fine-dining establishments, so you’ll be able to find something to suit your appetite.

In this article, we’ll cover the best restaurants in Chamonix. We haven’t just chosen them for their food, but for their atmosphere and the experience they offer. Some are cozy traditional restaurants, while others are steeped in history and offer the most spectacular mountain views in the world.

1. Le Comptoir des Alpes

Le Comptoir des Alpes is centrally located, close to the l’Aiguille du Midi cable car. It offers a modern dining experience with impeccably presented food, combining incredible French-Italian flavours and textures.

The menu has been devised by chef Daniele Raimondi, who has incorporated influences from the Savoie region, but don’t expect a rustic dining experience; this is high-end stuff. You can taste Raimondi’s barbecued lobster, seabream, and a range of perfectly cooked meats, such as Black Angus beef.

The modern and chic interior is a lovely place to be, and the attentive staff contribute to Le Comptoir des Alpes being one of the best restaurants in Chamonix.

2. L’Atmosphere

L’Atmosphere welcomes you with a handsome granite staircase adorned with flowers. Its grandeur instantly indicates that you’re going to have an exceptional experience in one of the best restaurants in Chamonix. However, the vibe at l’Atmosphere is casual and relaxed with a subtle alpine interior.

If you can, book a table in the conservatory, as you’ll be able to enjoy the incredible views over the Arve River and the alpine landscape that surrounds Chamonix. This is a real treat while enjoying the menu featuring local specialities, and seasonal dishes, accompanied by an excellent wine list.

The stand-out dishes lie in the dessert section of the menu. L’Atmosphere is renowned for its profiteroles, parfait and fruitcake. Many people return to l’Atmosphere for its desserts alone.

Chamonix Mont Blanc (60)
Brévent, Chamonix - © Top Snow Travel

La Bergerie de Plan-Praz is ideally located high above Chamonix at the Brevant mid-station, offering arguably the best view of the Mont Blanc range, so don’t forget your camera.

3. Le Cap-Horn

Le Cap-Horn it’s a firm favourite of the many restaurants in Chamonix. It is often the venue for special occasions, and what could be more special than a visit to this iconic Alpine destination?

The kitchen is operated by the acclaimed Swedish Chef Fredrik Darenius and his team, who is renowned throughout the valley for expertly blending French, Swedish and Asian flavours. Many regard him as one of the best chefs in Chamonix.

The restaurant has two floors; both are as elegant as each other. The upper floor is better for groups, while smaller parties can enjoy intimate meals with a cosy atmosphere. The experience of dining at Le Cap-Horn is enhanced by the attentive but unobtrusive staff, including an incredibly knowledgeable sommelier with access to over 350 wines.

The Cap-Horn’s menu features fantastic dishes from land and sea, offering many alternatives to the Savoyard cooking style; it’s a refreshing change after all that cheese. There are several menus for lunch and dinner, all exceptional, but remember to leave room for the fantastic desserts.

4. La Bergerie De Plan-Praz

When skiing around Brevent, you’ll need to fuel up at lunchtime to keep you going through the afternoon. La Bergerie de Plan-Praz is ideally located at the Brevant mid-station, accessed by the Planpraz gondola. This location is high above Chamonix, offering arguably the best view of the Mont Blanc range, so don’t forget your camera.

La Bergerie de Plan-Praz is also one of the best mountain restaurants serving gourmet food as you look out over the valley. The menu is based on local dishes, such as Boîte Chaude, served with charcuterie. But they also serve excellent steaks and salads, with a wide selection of local cheeses. They even have a menu dedicated to vegan food, so nobody needs to feel left out.

5. Le 3842

Le 3842 is one of Europe’s highest restaurants accessed by lift, so you can expect some of the most incredible mountain views in the world.

The menu changes with the seasons and is based on local dishes. The food is always delicious, made with locally sourced ingredients that are hauled up the mountain before being combined into fantastic flavours. There is also a dedicated vegan menu that is highly rated.

Even though Le 3842 is perched high in the mountains, it is extremely popular, so make sure you book online in advance to avoid a wasted trip.

6. La Calèche

La Calèche is an exceptional Savoyard restaurant right in the centre of Chamonix. La Calèche is cosy and warm with a romantic ambience, as any good French mountain restaurant should be. First established in 1946, the decor is reminiscent of those early days, featuring local antiques with an almost museum-like feel.

Here, you can sample fantastic local dishes and other specialities from the brasserie-style menu inside or on the sunny terrace. It is one of the best places to sample Savoyard raclette and fondue. But it also serves a fantastic selection of specialities based around truffles, fish and meat you cook yourself on hot stones at your table.

La Calèche is a fantastic restaurant with a unique atmosphere you won’t get anywhere else in the world.

Chamonix Mont Blanc (56)
Brévent summit, Chamonix - © Top Snow Travel
Chamonix Mont Blanc (50)
Brévent summit, Chamonix - © Paul Skinner / Top Snow Travel
Chamonix Mont Blanc (49)
Brévent summit, Chamonix - © Paul Skinner / Top Snow Travel

Le Panoramic restaurant (located on the summit of Brévent) provides the best view of Mont-Blanc and the mountaineering town of Chamonix. Pedestrians also have an easy direct access via gondola and cable car.

7. La Maison Carrier

La Maison Carrier is a wonderful French restaurant that seamlessly blends the traditional and the contemporary in a typical Savoyard-style chalet. It is the perfect restaurant for diners who want traditional local food but want something other than the usual fondue and tartiflette.

Thanks to the wooden beans and cosy decor, the restaurant has an intimate ambience, ideal for sampling expertly put-together dishes from chef Cédric Nogueira. Nogueira’s menu is heavily inspired by historical dishes but cooked in a contemporary way. All the ingredients are locally sourced and are true to the season.

Whatever you choose from this fantastic menu, La Maison Carrier’s maitre d’hotel, Romain Debruyn, will perfectly match the wine to the flavours of your dishes. The extensive wine list features local wines and those from all over France.

8. Albert 1er Restaurant

This Michelin-star restaurant in the centre of Chamonix has been around since 1903. It has been in the same family ever since. The family also owns La Maison Carrier above, so you know you are in good hands.

Albert 1er Restaurant has a more contemporary style and atmosphere than many of the restaurants in Chamonix. So you can expect clean lines and elegant decor, rather than rustic artefacts, adorning the walls.

The menu has been put together by Chef Damien Leveau. His dishes are based on the cooking styles from the Savoie and Piedmont regions using local produce such as white fish from Lake Geneva, escargots from around Mont blanc and meats from the farms surrounding Chamonix. All these ingredients are perfectly matched with herbs from the restaurant’s own aromatic garden.

Leveau’s presentation is outstanding. Each dish is meticulously constructed in an exciting style with intricate shapes. Therefore they are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the tastebuds.

During a visit to Chamonix, you may want to book one of sommelier Marc-Henri Mialon’s tasting luncheons. These give you a unique opportunity to sample fine wines perfectly paired with each dish.

Chamonix Mont Blanc
Chamonix Mont-Blanc - © Top Snow Travel

Chamonix town center in the lovely pedestrian section is full of restaurants (rue du Dr Paccard, Pl. Balmat…)

9. Mumma

Mumma is an excellent alternative to MBC and is one of the coolest Chamonix restaurants. The food is among the best you’ll find in town without going to the excellent fine-dining establishments we’ve already covered.

It is a brasserie-style restaurant with a creative menu that features Asian fusion dishes with exciting combinations. You order plates to share and just keep ordering as you like rather than following set courses.

This style suits the cosy ambience or the warm decor, complemented by the excellent staff. If you like Asian food with a twist, Mumma is the place to go in Chamonix.

10. Casa Valerio

Chamonix is a stone’s throw from Italy, as it’s just the other side of the Mont Blanc Tunnel, but Casa Valerio gives you a taste of Italy without leaving town.

Casa Valerio serves authentic Italian cuisine in an atmosphere you’d expect from a family-owned restaurant over the border. Its authenticity is reflected by its staff, who are friendly, even if the service is a little slow sometimes.

This restaurant has a comforting ambience that is the result of serving food for over 25 years. The dishes are made with fresh ingredients and are simple but delicious, in true Italian style. You can expect meat, fish, and pasta. Casa Valerio’s award-winning pizzas are cooked on a traditional wood-burning stove and are excellent.

Final Thoughts On The Best Restaurants In Chamonix

In our opinion, these are the best restaurants in Chamonix. There are many more to choose from during your stay, but you can’t go wrong with the ones on this list.

Some are perfect for casual meals, while others are more suited to special occasions or more extravagant meals. We like how Chamonix restaurants have a range of styles too, which you don’t find in all ski resorts in France. Therefore, you can experience local specialities and foods from around the world in one trip.

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